About Goodbye Bogeys: Confidence



One of the foremost problems for golfers is the mental game.  When the golfer's mind is in a good spot (the best mental zone), the game improves.  The score suffers when a golfer's focus turns off and thoughts slide out-of-control.  Learning the mental game improves confidence and play greatly.  



Whether you're starting out, or are an experienced golfer looking to improve your short game, GOODBYE BOGEYS:CONFIDENCE builds confidence and shuts out distractions.



Everyone has hyper-focus in certain situations.   The role of GOODBYE BOGEYS is to transform this focus into a consistent and reproducible mental zone.  In other words, enhance this neglected, longstanding trait into an automatic skill.


Book Content

GOODBYE BOGEYS: CONFIDENCE started the series of books of therapeutic suggestions for golfers.

Dr. Fuller uses verbal conditioning techniques to overcome anxiety with positive self-talk; to reframe moments in golf as special opportunities; to substitute distraction with mental focus; to reduce excitability by the psychological mental zone; and to create the expectation of success.

The harder a golfer consciously tries find the birdie zone, the further mental focus seems to slip away. The harder it becomes to succeed.  How many times have you tried to will or force your mind to go there, only to find yourself more scattered?  Here is the reason. Conscious willpower rarely produces meaningful results, especially complex physiologic results that golf requires. 

The solution is to program, and reprogram, the golfer’s automatic thoughts rather than force the conscious will to try to do the impossible.  


I see golf.

I see success.

I feel golf.

I feel each nano-element of golf.

I feel success.

I do success.

I trust my instincts.